Thursday, August 26, 2010

Watch Netflix instantly on iPod/iPhone

Thanks to awesome info from lifehacker, I am now able to watch Netflix on my jailbroken iPod. I have recompiled the steps from the lifehacker blog post to reflect my personal experience. Here they are...have fun!...

  1. Via iTunes, download the Netflix app for iPad
  2. Right click on the Netflix app in iTunes and choose "Show in Windows Explorer" (PC)/"Show in Finder" (Mac).
  3. Rename Netflix 1.0.4.ipa to Netflix and extract the zip somewhere.
  4. Look for the Payload\ folder inside the extracted folder. That folder needs copied to the /Applications/ or /private/var/stash/Applications/ folder on your iDevice using WinSCP.
  5. Now change the permissions: chmod -r 755 -- This actually threw an error for me but I was able to work around it by setting the permissions using WinSCP. (For setting the permissions recursively in WinSCP, right click, choose Properties then click the check box that applies the permissions recursively.
  6. Reboot the iDevice.
  7. Download  User Agent Faker from Cydia
  8. Make your Safari behave like iPad Safari under the iDevice's Settings>User Agent Faker>Enabled=ON. Set Useragent to Apple iPad and be sure to set Applications>Safari=ON as well.
  9. Go to and watch a movie instantly! Safari will close and play the movie.
Not too hard, is it?

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